Say it ain’t so, Rick!
Say it ain’t so, Rick!

Say it ain’t so, Rick!

CNN anchorman Rick Sanchez was fired by the network last Friday after he made untoward remarks about Jon Stewart in a rant on an XM/Sirius satellite radio show. I think someone forgot to tell Rick that he was not on the Howard Stern Show. Sanchez laid right into the always-forthright Sagittarius Jon Stewart, the host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central.

I don’t know what Rick was bitching about, though. He had enjoyed moderate success as CNN’s daytime news anchor and he had a style all his own, even incorporating the ubiquity of social networking into his newscasts, including the omnipresent Facebook; he’d often give us the Twitter bird, too, throughout his broadcasts.

Jon Stewart is above and beyond reproach. He’s untouchable. His hilarious candor and smooth-talking banter have earned him a reputation for telling it like it is and not having to apologize for any of it. In other words, he’s got the best job for a truth-beholden Sagittarius. He’s perfect at what he does. His endearingly groovy cameo in the Dave Chappelle comedy “Half Baked” was classic.

Rick’s a Cancerian with deep feelings. He probably felt slighted by the mainstream media and he decided to vent but, some say, he picked the wrong venue. He should have gone on “The Daily Show” to confront Stewart — that would have spelled ratings points for Comedy Central, which is owned by the entertainment giant Viacom. CNN is owned by Time Warner. Think about it folks, it’s all dollars and cents. Whether or not it actually makes sense is irrelevant.

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