Virgo T-Shirt with Green Moss Agate Bracelet


Carnelian can boost creativity and aid in sexual performance. Artists use it to deal with their emotions when having to perform on stage, while lovers employ it for better results in the bedroom.

It would be enough to keep it in the pocket or to wear it on jewelry, and it will give enough confidence for any plan to be put into action. It’s good to be taken to interviews, when having to perform on stage or when dealing with intense stress.

Many actors and actresses use Carnelian to bring out their hidden talents and to focus as this stone is known to bring the two sides of the brain together.



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People have used Carnelian for its healing properties ever since the most ancient times. During the middle ages, those who used crystals for healing worked with this stone to release tension and stress. The Vikings are known for using it more than others.

Green Moss Agate is a lovely gemstone with a powerful connection to Mother Earth. It’ll give you a green thumb and it can instill you with confidence, calm and a sense of peace with all living things. This gemstone has the power to help you realize the all living creatures as connected and humans are united in the life force. As the mutable Earth sign of the zodiac, Virgo has their pretty feet planted firmly on terra firma. They are common sense realists and compassionate people who can commit to a life of service and sacrifice. Mother Teresa was a Virgo with a tremendous heart of gold.

This stone may stimulate your spiritual grounding capabilities, and has an excellent quality that helps you to correct imbalances between the left and right sides of the brain.

This aids you to move forward with your life using a more united and balanced thought process.

It has a strong action within the heart chakra, which aids emotional healing, stability and courage.

Use Green Moss Agate to power yourself up, Virgo! It compliments your energy well and it will do more than a triple-shot espresso at Starbucks. Sip from nature’s bounty!



Power mini polished crystal beaded bracelet with 4mm or the larger 6mm premiere crystal beads.

Wear your favorite crystals or stones every day as a bracelet. Perfect for layering!

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