Taurus T-Shirt with Malachite Bracelet


All of our shirts are Hanes Nano Unisex and the fit is soft and comfy. No boxy, starchy shirts here!

Sing it, Taurus! We all have to come appreciate your melodic voice and exquisite taste for style and sophistication. Sure, you may be a brute, passionate bull on the inside, but for you sensuality and elegance win the day. Malachite is a wonderful heart chakra gemstone that will encourage you and empower you to follow your heart’s passions and to do so with your signature bovine vigor!


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A vibrant pop of green that acts as a guardian of the heart, Malachite is amazing for bringing balance to the left and right side of the mind. Malachite also helps the chakras to align which reduces stress and helps to loosen the grip on perfectionism. This swirled green stone gently nudges Taureans to wave farewell to self-limiting beliefs which may stop them from stepping out and letting the full spectrum of their inner light shine bright



Power mini polished crystal beaded bracelet with 4mm or the larger 6mm premiere crystal beads.

Wear your favorite crystals or stones every day as a bracelet. Perfect for layering!

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Weight 7 oz

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