Pisces T-Shirt with Aquamarine Bracelet


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Your Pisces fins would look pretty stylish in this Pisces t-shirt! You can choose either white or black. Aquamarine is your birthstone and within it you can access the depths of a sea of creativity, compassion and intuitive awareness.




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Aquamarine offers you illumination, dear Pisces, as it allows you to step into your own element of water, the most mysterious and powerful of all. The awareness that ensues can bring creativity and wisdom. Aquamarine can help you make quick and clear decisions, something that can aid Pisces greatly, as the fish often see both sides clearly, yet often has trouble swimming ahead swiftly. This stone can be calming and comforting. The beauty of Aquamarine can help you harness your boundless imagination and limitless compassion. It can give you focus and guidance to accomplish those big dreams, dear Pisces. Aquamarine is your natural birthstone, Pisces, and if you look deep inside of it you can actually see and sense the power and mystery of the great oceans. “Still waters run deep!” indeed.



Power mini polished crystal beaded bracelet with 4mm or the larger 6mm premiere crystal beads.

Wear your favorite crystals or stones every day as a bracelet. Perfect for layering!


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Weight 7 oz

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