“Know Thy Stars” and Know Thyself Natal Chart Reading/Analysis
“Know Thy Stars” and Know Thyself Natal Chart Reading/Analysis

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“Know Thy Stars” and Know Thyself Natal Chart Reading/Analysis


Astrology basics, such as aspects, transits, planetary positions, et. al make up a tapestry or a star chart.

In this report, we count your lucky stars and the rest of them, too. To know your stars is to know you. And to know you is to love you! Corny we know but oh how true! Wax poetic and take a look at your stars.

Depeche Mode had a song called Personal Jesus. Order this report to get to know your personal stars.

Please be sure to add info necessary for your report — location and time of birth, if known. We will email you your report or reach out if you leave off this information.


Get a glimpse of your stars and get to know your astrology birth chart!






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We don’t have any celebrities to introduce you to and we won’t be taking you on one of those cheesy van tours of Hollywood.

“So, what’s the deal with an astrology chart?,” you ask.

Well, an astrology chart is a portrait of the sky when you are born and it is, in essence, the energy of the moment you draw your first breath.

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