Capricorn T-Shirt with Garnet Bracelet


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You know how to take care of business, dear Capricorn, and you do it in a way that wins you respect and admirers. Everyone wishes they could be as industrious and resourceful and as hardworking as you! Garnet can empower you with the energy and resolve needed to catapult you up the (forgive the pun, celestial Seagoat) mountain and straight to the top! You also have a well-developed, highly evolved sense of humor, Capricorn, and your observations are often spot-on and hysterical. To know you, if to know you and to laugh at all your jokes!



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Garnet provides inspiration and enhances creativity. It inspires love and devotion. Purifies, cleanses and brings order to chaos. Boosts positive energy. As your birthstone, dear Capricorn, you stand to gain the most from Garnet. It’s been used since ancient days and was once called the “pomegranate stone” for its resemblance to the seed of the fruit. It was said that Noah used a giant stone of Garnet to reflect moonlight to steer his ship carrying all of the animals.



Power mini polished crystal beaded bracelet with 4mm or the larger 6mm premiere crystal beads.

Wear your favorite crystals or stones every day as a bracelet. Perfect for layering!


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Weight 7 oz

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