Amethyst Gemstone Bracelet
Amethyst Gemstone Bracelet

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Amethyst Gemstone Bracelet


Amethyst — Calms the mind and eases anxiety. It works in the emotional, spiritual and physical plane to provide calm, balance, patience and peace.

The beautiful color purple of Amethyst is enough to soothe the mind. The serenity afforded by this gemstone was said to prevent intoxication and the color was said to mimic the color of wine. Amethyst is a GREAT gemstone for recovering addicts and for those who wish to kick a habit and break free of a dependency, especially substance or alcohol.

A gemstone for the ages, Amethyst is a powerful aid in helping you get your groove back. Never had it? That’s fine too. Just buckle your seat belt because this stone will help take you on a wild ride of confidence, fulfillment by allowing you great self-awareness and appreciation.

These gemstone bracelets are perfect for stacking!


Amethyst is a powerful way if you want to keep sober or not get too intoxicated and remain in charge and with presence of mind. The deep purple hues denote the color of the grape and the juice of the grape, namely wine, and amethyst was used as a way to prevent over intoxication. This gemstone is recommended for alcoholics or for recovering alcoholics or for those who indulge in too much substance.


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