Leo Full Moon – Full Wolf Moon
Leo Full Moon – Full Wolf Moon

Leo Full Moon – Full Wolf Moon

Here is the roll call of monthly full moons. This is brought to you by the Farmers Almanac. We kick things off with the Full Wolf Moon in Leo.

The Leo full moon, as with all full moons, will effect everyone differently. It just depends on what house of the horoscope wheel it shines its light on. For Leos, it will mean the culmination of things and a fresh desire to make shit happen, even in the face of a global pandemic. It appears we will turn the corner soon as vaccines continue to be distributed. Leo is a proud sign of nobility and focus. We can expect generous efforts to help many of the people of the world who are suffering. The paternal influence will be great. Proud Papa Leo is about showy displays of affection and Leo embodies to the rest of us that all the world is a stage on which to perform on. Make sure that your actions speak loud and clear and that your words hit the mark.

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