Reagan astrologer Joan Quigley inducted into the Astrology Hall of Fame
Reagan astrologer Joan Quigley inducted into the Astrology Hall of Fame

Reagan astrologer Joan Quigley inducted into the Astrology Hall of Fame


Famed astrologer and author Joan Quigley, an Aries, has been inducted into the Sydney Omarr Astrology Hall of Fame, it was announced today by its curator. Quigley is the second noted stargazer born on April 10th. She shares a birthday with fellow astrologer and author Linda Goodman.


Joan Quigley is a noted American astrologer whose interest in astrology began when she was 15. She became the most controversial figure in America as Nancy Reagan’s personal astrologer from the early 1970s, which became public when Donald Regan’s book came out in 1988. “For The Record” revealed for the first time that the Reagans had a chief astrological advisor. The story broke in Time magazine 5/16/1988, where she was called “conservative, very private and a little wacky.” She was introduced to Nancy Reagan by TV talk show host Merv Griffin in the early 1970s and began to work as Mrs. Reagan’s in-house-astrologer in 1973. Griffin had Sydney Omarr and John Quigley on as frequent guests of his show. Griffin, a sensitive Cancerian, was particularly amused by the stargazers that he’d invite to appear on his program. You almost never see astrologers invited to any TV shows anymore, save for when a new year is dawning and the morning shows prod an astrologer to give their prognostications for the coming year.

A San Francisco heiress, Joan and her sister were the daughters of John B. Quigley, a hotelier. They grew up in the social milieu, living their lives in penthouse suites. Though both girls were noted for their beauty, neither married. Quigley began an active study of astrology after her graduation from Vassar. She wrote for Seventeen magazine and authored three books, including “Astrology for Teens” and “Astrology for Adults.” She made regular radio and TV appearances.

In 1995 she got her first computer, continuing her research and study on volumes of charts that she had formerly done by hand. Quigley sought to channel her talents and notoriety into a dot-com business in late 2001. Her service to the Reagans cements her place in history as a former presidential advisor.

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