Jenny on the “Idol” block
Jenny on the “Idol” block

Jenny on the “Idol” block

By now you’ve probably already heard that Jennifer Lopez, the sexy Leo dancer-turned-singer-turned-actor-turned-MILF is set to join the ratings “death star” juggernaut and singing competition “American Idol” as its next judge.


This marks a return to Fox for J. Lo, who previously appeared on the network long, long ago as a “fly girl” on “In Living Color,” the comedy skit show produced by Keenan Ivory-Wayans and starring his funny kin folk; it’s the same show that featured two young comics named Jamie Foxx and Jim Carrey. Jamie’s funniest character on the show was Wanda! He’d dress in drag to play a risqué barfly with the luscious lips and hair weaves. Jim was billed as the more formal “James Carrey” in the opening credits. Who could forget the opening theme?? “…You walk on the moon, float like a balloon…You can do what you want to do, In Living Color…”


From there, J. Lo got her big break when she landed the role of a real signer, slain Tejano star Selena Quintinilla-Perez, the promising young performer who was tragically gunned down by a crazy woman she had business dealings with. Selena’s untimely death came just as she was getting ready to transition to singing music in English. There were obvious comparisons when J. Lo played the singer in the movie “Selena” and some said that it appeared as if she tried to fill the void left by the performer she played in the film. There was only one big difference: Selena could actually sing, J. Lo had to learn. A few years later, J. Lo herself hit the music scene and then went back to acting and the rest, as they say, is Hollywood history.

Fox exec Kevin Reilly with Simon Cowell
The acerbically-famous Simon Cowell recently left “Idol” to develop an American version of his “X-Factor” television show. Cowell, a Libra, has shown us with brilliant eloquence how presentation is always key. His style is above and beyond reproach and he gets way with crushing young people’s hopes and dreams because he’s made an art of critiquing in a way that’s as proper as it is stinging and forthright. He’s been calling people “insolent twits” long before there was this thing called Twitter! He’s made a bloody fortune at it, too! We all know that a Libra does nothing without a sense of utter style and grace. That dashing Libra smile of his has served to disarm his critics and he’s laughing all the way to the bank because of it.

Well, anyhow, back to J.Lo — it’ll be interesting to see what kind of dynamic she adds to the show. Lopez didn’t come cheap, though, as she and her reps have negotiated a sweetheart deal worth a whopping $12 million for a single season! She certainly won’t have to clip coupons in this recession! Well, the timing of her deal is very interesting because the finalization of it comes as the Sun is in Virgo, which is her second house of income. Ka-ching! We hope Fox gets its money’s worth. Well, who cares about their purse strings, right? Rupert’s got enough of the green stuff to go around!

On a personal note, this humble blogger here at Sunshign has done work for Fox Broadcasting Co. and I’d pull and distribute the daily ratings to support their marketing and publicity efforts (mostly for bragging rights) and let me tell you that Fox is absolutely rabid about its “American Idol” ratings!

By the way, the transforming force of Pluto is now direct, having been retrograde since April 6 so we can all expect to see changes galore in the coming months. If you’ve been frustrated by a lack of progress on any front, blame Pluto and also Mercury retrograde from August 20 – Sept 12, which was compounding the problem. Now is the time to move forward once again.

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