So long, Jay Leno
So long, Jay Leno

So long, Jay Leno

Talk show host and comedian Jay Leno, a Taurus guy with the big chin, said goodbye to The Tonight Show in a poignant, funny and bittersweet farewell show. Someone who was on his show once told me that Leno was like a machine; robotic in a way. Funny but something about him was inaccessible; he was a machine of comedy. With the moon in his sign last night, he was certainly not bereft of emotion; in fact, he was in rare form. He said that his crew became like family and that the hardest part of doing the last show was saying goodbye to all of them and to his loyal, faithful Fido, er, I mean audience. I, for one, am going to miss his corny monologues and gratuitous skits. I was hoping to see Willard J. Fredericks come out and plug something and I was secretly hoping that Ross the intern would show up to serenade Leno a la Bette Midler when she sang goodbye to Leno’s predecessor, the late, great Johnny Carson. Instead, Garth Brooks did the singing honors and was one of two of his two very first guests — the other being Billy Crystal, who delivered a great rendition in honor of Leno. He ended with the same two guests he had on his very first show. Interesting about this being Leno’s second time saying goodbye. Right now unpredictable Uranus is in Aries, his 12th house of endings; culminations have seemed to come too sudden and rather unexpected in Leno’s book. He’s hanging it up (for real this time) while his ratings remain strong. Perhaps NBC is affording him the luxury of going out on top. Thanks for the laughs, Jay. We’ll miss you but I’m sure we’ll see you around. Have fun on the road.

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