Happy New Year, 2011! Mercury now direct, New Moon Solar Eclipse is afoot!
Happy New Year, 2011! Mercury now direct, New Moon Solar Eclipse is afoot!

Happy New Year, 2011! Mercury now direct, New Moon Solar Eclipse is afoot!

Happy New Year, 2011 to all! May love guide you on a path to prosperity and peacefulness. In so many ways, 2010 was a humbling experience; it taught us to let go of the fear brought on by outrageous circumstances and to give way to true faith. It tested our mettle, beat up our resolve, pelted our sense of patience and tested our wits.

With the right attitude and in the spirit of faith, we learned that we are far stronger than we realize and that we are able to weather any storm and come out of it more resilient, resolute and respectful of our mother Earth. We must care for and cultivate our home planet and treat her as well as she treats us.

The challenging economy in 2010 brought out our survivalist instincts and it required us to be ultra-competitive in search of new opportunities. The sad thing is that the bleak economic climate made it seem as if we had to step on other people in order to make it and succeed. Really, isn’t there enough of Earth’s abundance to go around so that all living creatures could live life fully instead of just trying to scrounge for survival?

2010 was a good year creatively but it challenged us to find a balance between what we do to earn money and what we do to satisfy our creative muse, which is not always the same thing. How do we bridge the gap? Last year felt almost as if we were stuck in between two time periods, anxious to launch ourselves in new directions and swim in new waters, only to be impeded by the seaweed of consequences from past actions and commitments. Now, in 2011 we are free to move forward with great vigor. The need for autonomy and to be made free of external forces and circumstance is great and will reach a fever pitch when we will all experience a flurry of planetary energy this April in Aries, the most primal “Just Do It” sign of the zodiac. Get out your Nikes and keep light-footed because this will be a year of energy, excitement and action!

Mercury is now moving full-steam ahead and communications have been made clearer, more fluid and free-flowing. We saw Mercury’s dramatic effects on travel when several flights were canceled on the East Coast of the United States and in Europe. The cosmic weather conditions translated to bad weather on Earth, which hampered travel. Now that cosmic travel agent and communications chief Mercury is moving forward we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

The glorious New Moon Solar Eclipse in industrious Capricorn occurs on January 4th and will open the door to exciting new opportunity. Solar Eclipses are famous for launching us in new directions and it’ll make things go from 0-60 in 1.4 seconds! If you’ve been frustrated by the slow pace of the holidays and are eager to get down to business and get things done, then this New Moon Solar Eclipse will be a welcome catalyst that gets your creative engines revving for action!! On your mark, get set….GO!

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