Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Rock ‘N Fish – Sidney Poitier, Rihanna, Ivana Trump and the memory of Kurt Cobain
Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Rock ‘N Fish – Sidney Poitier, Rihanna, Ivana Trump and the memory of Kurt Cobain

Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Rock ‘N Fish – Sidney Poitier, Rihanna, Ivana Trump and the memory of Kurt Cobain

Oh, yeah, fish sure can drink but they can do so many other things, too! They can act and sing and dance and cry, cry, cry and sacrifice themselves at the altar of love, sometimes several times over, a la Piscean acting legend Liz Taylor. Fish can swim over, under, around and even through most things in their path; it’s through this remarkable adaptability that Pisces find an inner strength; they may seem placid and unassuming on the outside but there’s always sea of fluid, changing thought, emotion and moods in every Pisces.

Pisces people have had a rough past couple of years, with no-nonsense Saturn dropping many fish hooks and lures in the form of challenges involving other people, especially from 2007-10, when Saturn was in Virgo, the 7th house of partnership to Pisces. But that’s over now, fish. Thank God for that! I often tell people that astrology saved my life. It helped me understand myself but, more importantly, it helped me understand what was happening to me and why. If it hadn’t been for the guidance of astrology and the love and support of family and friends, I don’t know where I’d be today. This blog was born out of the ashes of some now-former relationships. I got into astrology and decided to write a regular blog about it after picking up the pieces and putting a puzzle together. I finally saw my own reflection staring back at me in my birth chart. It suddenly all made sense! The sea of contradictions inside of me was to be embraced and not shunned. After all, I gotta be me! Who else could I be? =)

Now that the Sun is shimmering in the cool, misty waters of Pisces, the dreamy powers of Neptune and the healing effects of Chiron are amplified. Whatever challenges you’ve faced, Pisces, have ultimately served to make you stronger and more resourceful. The healing force of Chiron will help you be more kind, forgiving and loyal to yourself and your own needs, Pisces. Neptune will bring out all that is inherently you and it will help you to find true meaning, purpose and you’ll do what you love with conviction. Love, care, mercy and devotion will take away any feelings of unrequited love and help you accept things as they are. Forget the coulda, shoulda, wouldas, because the first day of the rest of your life is here and it’s now! Never dive down the drain into oblivion but rise up to any challenge and swim upstream unbridled. Imagination, like fire, can be a good servant but a bad master. Sometimes our imaginations can work against us; do not indulge in fear because it can produce negative emotions. Someone wise once told me that all human action can be traced back to two emotions: love and fear. I’ll take love over fear any day!

I first saw “To sir, with love” in my junior high school humanities class and I was impressed and in awe of this actor who could project feelings with such grace and refinement.

Rihanna is a chameleon of a thousand looks and her voice is silky, smooth, powerful and very emotionally-charged! She doesn’t exactly change her looks for the sake of shock and awe as does sultry Aries vixen Lady Gaga, but she does do it with a certain flair and savoir-faire. Hers is more genuine, not quite as overdone and in-your-face-flashy. She’s so changeable because hers is a mutable sign of emotion and she projects it in her music so well. My mind has often been in Disturbia.

Not very many women can keep up with the fast-talking, mutable, self-promoting energy of the Donald, a famous Gemini Dog (really, Donald Trump is a Dog, as in he was born in the year of the Dog, woof-woof, he’s uber-practical and sufficiently bombastic) but Ivana Trump, a mutable Pisces woman of exquisite beauty, charm and grace, was able to handle her famous ex-hubby’s antics. The Czech-born beauty now has her own line of products called “Ivana Haute Couture” and has made a few television appearances on reality competition shows in both the states and in Italy.


An idealist, a poet and a man with a penchant for diving the depths of his soul to come up with lyrics that defied the limits of reality and flew in the face of the standards of society, Kurt Cobain was the quintessential rocker who held his angst close as a warm blanket of emotional ecstasy and upheaval. Much like another Pisces, Johnny Cash, Kurt was unafraid of intense emotion and his music often transcended everything to get to the very heart and soul of his listeners. The memory and the music of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana will live forever. Kurt wrote about his extreme Piscean sensitivity and he tried to understand himself by peering up at the stars, where he shines on for eternity.

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