Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Julia Roberts & Bill Gates
Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Julia Roberts & Bill Gates

Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Julia Roberts & Bill Gates

Hallmark Birthday Greetings to one of Hollywood’s most famous leading ladies. Julia Roberts has emotional range, depth and a darling, dashing way about her that is truly genuine and unique. She’s able to project a degree of emotional believability to every character she plays. She captured our hearts as a sweet call girl in Pretty Woman. Her smile is enough to make even Roy Orbison blush. She recently played author Elizabeth Gilbert as she set out on a soul-searching journey of the heart, mind and soul in the inspiring film Eat Love Pray. Julia’s Scorpio depth allows her to convey, project and express deep emotion with an incredible range from the uplifting and moving to the sorrowing and sultry. Scorpios never do anything half-assed; it’s all or nothing for this resourceful, resolute and powerful SunShign.

Hallmark Birthday Greetings go to a man who opened the windows of his imagination and let us all inside. Bill Gates took the personal computer, the widely-available IBM clones, and made them accessible and functional to all. His Windows software is run on more businesses in the world than any other program. CRM implementation is huge for big businesses. His Scorpio resolve and determination emboldened him to relentlessly pursue success even when people told him that he was crazy for trying to reinvent the wheel and the mouse. It’s a good thing for us he didn’t give up. Bill is now a full-time philanthropist and do-gooder. His Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has helped people on a global level and will continue to do great work for the betterment of humanity and the world in which we live.

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