Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Abe Lincoln, Josh Brolin, Arsenio Hall
Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Abe Lincoln, Josh Brolin, Arsenio Hall

Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Abe Lincoln, Josh Brolin, Arsenio Hall

Hallmark Birthday Greetings go to the memory of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th US President. Lincoln’s progressive views and humanitarianism were patently Aquarian. 

Josh Brolin, the actor who played a far less-revered US commander-in-chief in “W.,” celebrates his birthday on the same day as Lincoln. Brolin was dynamite in “No Country For Old Men” and his father James Brolin played Reagan, the famous Aquarian president dubbed “the great communicator.”


Also born on this day was  former late night talk show host Arsenio Hall, who enjoyed good ratings in syndication but his show was abruptly canceled after he extended an invitation to controversial Minister Louis Farrakhan to appear on his show. It spelled curtains for Hall, who never actually had curtains to begin with, as his blue Plexiglas stage wall would rise on the performer rather than him stepping from behind a curtain. The last time we saw Hall he was hosting a funny home video highlight reel funny show called “The World’s Funniest” for the Fox-0wned MyNetworkTV programming service. The cutesy clip show genre perfected by Bob Saget has long replaced by the crazy, foul-mouthed, dirty-bitch narrative of tosh.0 — Arsenio was way out of his element. I know Hall tried his hand at reviving Star Search a few years back but it didn’t last too long; why not revive Soul Train in Don Cornelius’ honor and install Arsenio as host? If that doesn’t work, I’ve got some advice for Mr.  Hall: change your name to Ryan Seacrest and you’ll have the media falling over itself offering you gigs and  deals up the wahzoo.  I think that’s what Yahoo! ought to change its name to: Wahzoo! As in,”Something you need to research? Look for it up your Wahzoo!” Catchy, huh? Google-who? It was recently announced by Tribune that Arsenio is coming back to syndication, slated to return in the fall of 2013. The Woof Pac will soon reunite!

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