Gemini restlessness
Gemini restlessness

Gemini restlessness

I haven’t really had the same passion for things that used to interest me intensely. It’s almost as if I’ve become really bored with business as usual. You feel me? Look to cosmic activity in mercurial Gemini for the reasons why. We’re into the first few days since the sun entered Gemini and it is now flanked by Mercury and a retrograde Venus and it comes with plenty of fireworks. In Gemini, the sun is square red-hot Mars in Virgo and dreamy Neptune in Pisces. Pay attention to what’s happening and look for subtle clues. Hindsight may be 20/20 but there’s no time like the present for nipping things in the proverbial bud.

I’ve felt restless and antsy. It’s much different from the calm, serene energy of Taurus. Gemini is all about the excitement of trying new things and talking about them while living the vicarious experience. Hang on tight because the third week of June brings the first of seven (through 2015) Pluto-Uranus squares in Aries and Capricorn, respectively. What could this mean? Here’s a clue: you’re already feeling it. The restlessness and desire for real, lasting change can be hard to make sense of but in many ways the past is crumbling under our feet and we must find some practical application for this energy. That is, if you can sit still, of course.  

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