Gay is good – Lesbos are lovely
Gay is good – Lesbos are lovely

Gay is good – Lesbos are lovely

French President Francois Hollande’s cabinet has taken steps to allow gay marriage in France. This comes a day after citizens of Maryland and Maine have voted to allow same-sex couples to wed.

Gay is good. If there were no gays, everyone would be a “breeder” and there’d be so many people we’d be completely overrun. This is not to say that gays and lesbians don’t have kids; they sure do but they often either adopt or their families are planned and there are fewer “accidents” — don’t get me wrong, I did not come from what you would consider a planned pregnancy. You could even call me a mistake but with population growth surging I believe that gay people are part of the universe’s answer and the solution is simple. Love does not always have to produce offspring in order to flourish. Creation is a form of expression. Love in of in itself is enough to keep people together and it is enough for we human beings to nurture the goodness of compassion. Love is and will always be the answer and sweet love simply does not discriminate.

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