Virgo Full Moon – Full Snow ❄️ Moon
Virgo Full Moon – Full Snow ❄️ Moon

Virgo Full Moon – Full Snow ❄️ Moon

The Virgo Full Moon brings consciousness to the importance of our wellbeing. We are asked to be of service, not only to others but also to ourselves. Take this time for self-care and nurturing. Virgo is the consummate taskmaster of the zodiac and the best problem solver you can find anywhere. I often say that you could come to Virgo with a problem, any problem, and they will present you with more than one way to solve it, and usually their first suggestion is right.

This energy invites us all to be a little Virgo-like. What does that mean. Well, simple. We should each examine our lives, top to bottom, and de-clutter ourselves. We could use this time to give ourselves an honest look and take steps to improve. Virgo will e the first to teach us that no matter for virtuous we are, there is always room for improvement. Just guard for any feelings of self-critical critiques or the critique of others.


The Virgo Full Moon is also called the Snow Moon. The end of February is snowy winter in the Northern Hemisphere and this Earth sign moon heralds a time of selfless service, honest assessments and self-improvement. 

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