Full Moon in Scorpio: All or Nothing
Full Moon in Scorpio: All or Nothing

Full Moon in Scorpio: All or Nothing

Yes, folks, what we are feeling is the powerful full moon energy in sultry Scorpio. It feels as if we are taking a warm bath in the focused, fixed waters of Scorpio intensity. Use this time to meditate and to channel the resources you will need to take it to the next level. Scorpio is all about transformation. Sometimes in order to rebuild, well, not sometimes but EVERY time in order to rebuild we must take a wrecking ball and knock down certain parts of our lives that no longer suit us or serve our highest potential. Change can be thrilling!

Scorpio is fixed and facilitates change. What we do with that change it leaves up to the next sign, mutable Sagittarius, who aims far and wide to fight the slings of outrageous misfortune with arrows of optimism, determination and exuberance. Scorpios tend to be secretive and intense whereas Sagittarius’ life tends to be an open book full of pages of wonder, travel and adventure. These two sign are neighbors yet they are so very different! Our differences are there to be celebrated.

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