Full Moon in Pisces: A Time for Hope, Faith, Dreams and Vision
Full Moon in Pisces: A Time for Hope, Faith, Dreams and Vision

Full Moon in Pisces: A Time for Hope, Faith, Dreams and Vision

Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, hosts a full moon on Monday, September 20th. Pisces embraces mystery and revels in the unseen elements of existence. The Neptune-ruled sign encourages us all to see ourselves as One. We are all connected and we are all made of star stuff, to paraphrase Carl Sagan, an astronomer and part-time philosopher who deduced the heavens and pondered the meaning of existence. Mr. Sagan was incredulous of astrology, and for good reason, hucksters and hippie professed it along with free love in the swinging 1960s. Carl was a Scorpio, naturally curious, with a built-in bullshit detector. What Mr. Sagan missed, however, is that astrology is the study of people and events.

Pisces is about things that are deep in our subconscious and like water, all that cannot be easily grasped and explained away. Pisces invites us all to “Break on through to the other side,” to quote the late, great American poet called Jim Morrison.

Pisces physicist Albert Einstein insisted that we live life in either one of two ways: that miracles do not exist. Or that miracles are all around us and we, by extension, are miracles ourselves.

Suspend “reality” for a moment and see things from the Piscean perspective. We humans and we living creatures are united in that we all inhabit the same universe in and around the sea of stars in the cosmic ocean of time and existence. Let’s do something that sets to help people realize that when you show people kindness, you’re giving it to yourself. Pass it on and pay it forward.

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