Libra Full Moon — Full Worm 🪱 Moon
Libra Full Moon — Full Worm 🪱 Moon

Libra Full Moon — Full Worm 🪱 Moon

The Balance is Key

As we celebrate this lovely full moon energy in Libra, we are summoned to keep balance in all things. When things are off balance, it can create many problems. Just how do we create proper balance? Well, in relationships, it’s give and take. Pretty much the same thing in business as well, everything is a give and take, or supply and demand. The fair Libra energy is a good time to complete longstanding issues and achieve a fair resolution for all parties. Libra often gets a bad rap for fence sitting, or not making up its mind in an expeditious manner. There’s a reason for that. Libra likes to weigh things out and consider the pros and cons of every situation. You can be assured that the solutions we come up with now in the energy of Libra will be well thought out and in the consideration of all parties involved. Libra would have it no other way!

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