Full Moon Alert: Aquarius Lunar Eclipse
Full Moon Alert: Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon Alert: Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius will effect every sign differently. For a complete overview, check out our friend Susan Miller on AstrologyZone.

Aquarius is the sign of the collective tribe of living things. Social matters, group dynamics and societal concerns all fall under the realm of Aquarius. You might say that the sign of the water bearer is the ultimate sociology teacher. What can we learn from this full moon? Well, for one thing, that we are all connected to each other. Never has the connectivity been more apparent than it is now. Technology has bridged the gap between nations. Will we continue to use the marvels of collective communication to our advantage or will we use it to exert our will over others? That choice is yours to make. Globally, we’re seeing countries band together in this disdain of Donald Trump, the rogue American president. His rough shod manner and intractability will ultimately lead to his downfall. I wouldn’t be surprised is Trump were no longer president come 2018.

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