Farewell, Lady Tee
Farewell, Lady Tee

Farewell, Lady Tee

Leave it to a far-out freaky-scene-stealin’ Aquarian singer named Rick James to catch  a dainty fish to croon with about the hallucinogenic effects of “Fire and Desire” and how each can burn with equal intensity.

Pisces Teena Marie square-bized her way into our hearts with her soulful, moving voice and emotionally-charged performances. This sensitive Pisces female articulated the full spectrum of human emotion with her fluid vocal range and unbridled passion for music. She sang from the heart and wore it on her sleeve, too. My stepfather, when we spoke of Teena’s death, told me, “I have tickets to her Valentine’s Day show, I’ve seen her perform at least four times already (my step dad is a Pisces, go figure), I’m sorry I won’t be seeing her perform on Valentine’s, I was looking forward to it.” We know Teena, like many other Pisces folks, has had to endure quite a crazy ride in recent years, with Saturn making partnerships one lesson after another while it was in Virgo. With Teena passing away while both magnanimous Jupiter and electric Uranus were in her sign, she is poised to become forever immortalized in the pantheon of fine musical performers.

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