Fabulous Facebook
Fabulous Facebook

Fabulous Facebook

The thing that makes Facebook so fun and enjoyable is simple — our connectivity and interconnectivity on a local, national and global scale. Never has our connectivity been more apparent than it is now. We’re always been connected to each other; ever since man, woman and all of nature first peered up at the stars have we realized that. In modern times, however, we’ve forgotten to look up at the stars to see it, especially in the cities where light pollution is intense. We’re also bombarded by myriad images from every media source imaginable – TV, radio, cinema, Internet, mobile, smoke signals, etc. Facebook has served to bridge the gap between our connectivity and our awareness of it. People we may not see regularly and don’t have the time to talk to on the phone or pay a visit to can still keep in touch with us and we can share our lives with them via Facebook and we can even share bite-size pieces of our lives with others on Twitter.


We don’t give ourselves enough credit. We’re more powerful than we realize! Is it in the best interests of the government, organized religion and the media to let us know that? Probably not. Perhaps we’re a little easier to control, exploit, maintain, bamboozle and bilk when we’re kept in the Dark Ages. Right? SunShign Daily is here to shine the light on universal truths! I remember seeing a movie called “They Live” when I was a kid and I was frightened by its images of mind control, alienism and sleepwalking. It’s about a disenfranchised working stiff played by Piper who suddenly sees clearly thanks to a pair of crazy shades that he finds. Check it out! It’ll blow your mind. I’m all out of bubble gum! SUNSHIGN OF THE TIMES 2 is coming this spring and it will be a groundbreaking documentary! Prepare yourself. Do you have a rich inner life? How is your relationship with yourself? We’ll touch on this, that and a whole lot more!

 Case in point: Does anyone see a correlation between rising gas prices and the record-breaking profits of the oil companies? How do they justify the price increases? Is it because their profits aren’t big enough? To put it into perspective, consider this fact: Apple briefly surpassed Exxon as the world’s biggest company a few weeks ago but it didn’t last very long; Exxon quickly reclaimed the top spot. Yes, Exxon is BIGGER profit-wise than even Apple! And Obama, who is quick to take credit for the American auto industry’s turnaround, is passing the buck when it comes to rising fuel prices. Go figure! He doesn’t drive. Maybe he doesn’t even look at the prices at the pump from his presidential Detroit-made Cadillac or Yukon. What about congressional oversight of the oil companies? Wait, a lot of those congresspeople are bought, paid for, signed, sealed and delivered by big oil so forget that idea. Wake up, people!!!! SUNSHIGN OF THE TIMES 2 will be more than just a progressive rant. It’s a CALL TO ACTION! Do you prefer text? Okay, it’s a TEXT TO ACTION! 🙂

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