It’s time to keep those promises
It’s time to keep those promises

It’s time to keep those promises

Have you ever noticed a pattern in election cycles? The Republicans start wars when they get into office so that they make the American public feel obligated to reelect them for a second term; why change horses midstream (I think?), let me finish the mess that I’ve started. It’s a trick George W. Bush implemented that goes way back to the 1970’s, he even brought in Donald Rumsfeld as defense secretary, a throwback from the old school Republicans.

Usually when a Democrat wins a second term, it’s to finish some kind of broad-minded social cause, as was the case with Clinton regarding healthcare and now Obama addressing the same issue. President Obama is a masterful orator and a likeable guy. In a lot of ways, Obama seems like a black Bill Clinton —  charismatic, intelligent and affable. G.W. was more cowboy and reserved, some would even say he had a swagger that seemed standoffish.

Obama is a resolute Leo with the flexibility of a Gemini moon. A terrific speaker, a great consensus builder and hey part of being president is acting so one could certainly say that he’s a fine actor as well. It’s time to act on those promises.

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