Adversity is not in vain. “People over possessions!”
Adversity is not in vain. “People over possessions!”

Adversity is not in vain. “People over possessions!”

Okay, I admit it’s time to get real and quit being clever, coy, cute or artificial and show everyone my vulnerable side because to have is to share. We all experience things that teach us about life and love and of our survivalist instincts. It’s something that we have in common with all living things. We share a collective desire and an individual desire to experience as much happiness and fulfillment as we can on this Earth and to reduce the suffering that we must endure in order to make the joyous moments even more joyous. Emotional suffering and experiences requiring tremendous sacrifice in life teach us to appreciate what we do have and more importantly, to enjoy those that we have in our lives. People are more important than possessions — but in this crazy, present-day mixed-up world we’ve got it all backwards! We covet our tactile attachment to material enjoyments while taking for granted our connection to the collective consciousness.

Until we realize and embrace this fact our markets will continue to fluctuate and sputter. This suffering that we are experiencing in America and around the world is necessary in order for the system to be exposed as the very thing that needs to be radically changed. Pluto in Capricorn from 2008-2024 may ultimately see to it. Those who benefit the most from the system ought to put the most back into it without objection.

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