A Supreme Square of Uranus & Pluto
A Supreme Square of Uranus & Pluto

A Supreme Square of Uranus & Pluto

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It’s ironic that the U.S. Supreme Court made some important rulings just one day following the exact square of Pluto and Uranus. The justices upheld the controversial campaign finance rules that allow ever-powerful corporations to contribute as much as they please to political candidates, opening the flood gates to unprecidented abuse.

The flourishing of unchecked corruption has turned America into a dirty, greedy place. Campaign corruption will lead to the collapse of American democracy. America is not really a democracy, anyway. It’s a Republic. Do we blame the Supreme Court? Is this partly why George W. Bush had to steal the election of 2000 from Al Gore?  So that his minions would have far-reaching control of the court even years after the big dummy W. left office? The Supreme Court also ruled on Arizona’s controversial anti-immigration law, striking down parts of it while upholding its core.

The highest court in the land addresses healthcare this Thursday. These landmark rulings come in the same very week of the first of seven squares between transformative Pluto in industrious Capricorn and revolutionary Uranus in rebellious Aries. The timing couldn’t be more symbolic.  

On the same day of the square I visited a good friend of mine and she happened to be watching “Conspiracy Theory” with Jesse Ventura, the former WWE color commentator and former governor of Minnesota. In his program, Ventura went after the U.S. Homeland Security’s covert Fusion Centers. Apparently, there are concentration camps designed to weed out terrorists in America. A Homeland Security spokesman even openly acknowledged the existence of such camps. We wonder why this is never covered by the mainstram media? Easy! The corporate ties of the mainstream media finds its roots in Wall Street.

There are Fusion Centers in Colorado, Texas and California. Additionally, a “Council of Governors” has been established by the federal government so that the United States can be split into sectors in the event of a radical situation involving revolution or dissent from within. This council of governors is to maintain a firm grip on the country if the government were to declare martial law and dispatch the military. Just what are they planning for? An uprising of the people? In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, “Hmmm, could be!”   

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