Welcome to 12 Signs
Welcome to 12 Signs

Welcome to 12 Signs

Welcome to the newest and latest incarnation of this venture. 12 Signs is here to enlighten you and to help drive awareness of the “flavored energy” of astrology. Just what does that mean? Well, I know it sounds strange but it’s pretty much the energy we receive from the cosmos at any given time. To be made aware of this energy and conscious of its potential manifestations is what astrology is all about. You know how you feel good on some days, but lousy on other days, regardless of how many hours or sleep or what you eat? Well, that’s what we call flavored energy. It’s energy from the universe and namely, from the moon, the sun, which is the life star, and from the other planets that rotate around the sun, as does our Earth.

12 Signs is hosted by Mr. Starwavez, who has hosted this website in a previous incarnation. You can expect 12 second horoscopes and 12 second vignettes. We’re serious about this dozen stuff. Welcome to the new 12 Signs. We’re glad to have you! Buckle up, and enjoy the ride! Until then, click on your sign below:

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